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About iVirtual Services

Top companies are outsourcing their customer support roles to Arise Virtual Solutions.
Arise partners with companies like iVirtual Services to locate individuals who work
from home to support these roles. After contracting with iVirtual Services, you will certify
and train online for the client opportunity you choose. Upon completion and using your
computer, you will log into the client's system and receive calls and/or chats directly to
you. iVirtual Services is perfect for those that want to work from home, be their own
boss, and earn income on a flexible basis!

Person with laptop at home
Benefits of Working From Home

1. Preferential scheduling
2. Better work/home life balance
3. Location independence
4. No commute. Save money on gas, parking, and tolls
5. Customizable office
6. Work safely from home

How To Get Started

1. Complete the Application and Admissions process here. When prompted to enter a referral code, use our Independent Business Owner ID: 651109.
2. Make sure you have a computer that will meet iVirtual's system requirements
3. Establish a high-speed internet connection.
4. Acquire a noise-cancelling USB headset. This is a headset that plugs into your computer.
5. Acquire a keypad/ headset phone. (Cordless phones are not accepted.)
6. Have or prepare to have a land-line telephone with no features or a digital phone line through
your cable or internet company. (Some clients require a land-line telephone.)
7. You will receive an email once you have chosen a client with links to complete your Affidavit of
ID, Proof of Servicing Address, Proof of Identity, W9, and Direct Deposit forms. These forms
must be completed before you are allowed to service a client.

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